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Now that you are used to a life with superior amplification with hearing aids, it can be difficult to imagine life without them.

However, your tiny digital devices will go everywhere with you, which means they may sustain some wear and tear over time. It’s never a good experience when something goes wrong with your prescription hearing aids, making it hard to focus on what people are saying or causing interference and feedback.

It’s best to accustom yourself with your hearing aids by cleaning them at the end of the night as part of your regular hygiene routine and inspecting them for damage. There are some things you can do at home to maintain the functionality of your hearing aids daily, but sometimes it is time to take it to us for more complicated repairs.

Hearing aids

The good news is we stay up to date on all the latest features, manufacturer, and styles of hearing aids to offer you experience you can trust.

Equipped with years of experience, at Moore Hearing Centers of Sun City, we are here any time something goes wrong.

You can trust that we are here to get your hearing aids up and running again so you can enjoy the clarity in conversation and the freedom of independence you’ve become accustomed to with your state-of-the-art hearing devices.

Here to TroubleShoot with You

Is there feedback in your ears or is your device not making any noise? Sometimes the problem is simpler than you would ever suspect. Don’t worry! It has happened to all of us every now and then. Sometimes it is as simple as turning up the volume on your device or switching to the appropriate listening program. We are here for remote service online or over the phone to help you troubleshoot any issue you may be having and help you find quick solutions for everyday problems.
Hearing aids
However, sometimes the problem is more complex than anything you can fix at home. Hearing aids continue to push the boundaries of what we can expect in digital sound quality and miniaturization and that means sometimes it takes an advanced computer diagnostic system to diagnose and find solutions for hearing aid issues. For those that require advanced assistance, our in-office team can rapidly diagnose issues and often make the repairs that you need to solve your issue on-site. If you are having significant issues with your hearing aids, we can also contact your hearing aids manufacturer directly to get the best possible resolution.

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